Thursday, September 25, 2014

Money and the Bible Christian Living - Rugged Faith

Money and the Bible  Christian Living - Rugged Faith is now available for sale. It has a new look but is the same book. Money, Banking, Finance and the End Times has been discontinued. Get a copy today. Also available on Kindle.

From the Back Cover
Most financial studies won't tell you things this book does! Explore for yourself what the Bible says about money. You will likely be surprised at what you have been missing. Our choices regarding money measure how we are living for the Lord. Use this book as a great resource for small groups and other Bible study classes. Youth should get this information to become aware of what the Lord expects of our everyday financial decisions.

James Utter is a pastor, author and teacher. He is the host of the Answers From The Bible radio program. His many years of Christian ministry experience combined with an earned Doctor of Ministry degree make this book worth reading.

Christian Living / Personal Finance / Bible Study

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